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The full moon and the Leo

Mauro Effe


During the Full Moon, constructive energy reaches its peak, making us receptive to direct expression and sometimes-revolutionary actions, stimulating the entire physical body and its multidimensional reflections to develop emotional events or to sublimate them through unique creative expressions.

The Full Moon in Leo, traditionally the bearer of creative ideas, has cooperated in the brilliant intuition of their project.


The exact full moon was recorded at 6:15 am on 21 January 2019 at 0 ° 51 Leo. Moments later, the unexpected encounter of shapes, spaces and colors made visible what never was.

In fact, the well-known designer Mauro Franchi and his associates understood, from the very first moment, that their synergistic collaboration would have given rise to something unique.

The Full Moon in Leo alignswith a shift paradigm that allows to perceive what happens beyond the veil of usual existence, challenging the perspective of ordinary reality, releasing emotions and new energies.